Protect your home or business with a new security system

Alarm Panels

Burglary Alarms
Great Plains Security Systems Inc. is your best bet for a new security system.  We carry a wide variety of options for your system.  We can protect the perimeter as well as the interior of your home or bussiness.  Don't keep worrying and wondering about your home or business while you're away.  Invest in a security system today and eliminate all the stress and worry.  Contact your insurance company for possible insurance policy discounts. 
Hardwire System 
Wireless System
Wires connecting each sensor to the main panel.  This type of system can be installed if we're able to conceal all wiring.  Example, new construction or business with drop ceilling.    See monitoring options below.
Wireless Systems are commonly used in finished homes and businesses where it isn't possible to conceal wiring.  Wireless sensors can be placed anywhere in the home. 
See monitoring options below.
Fire Alarms
Fire alarm panels can offer great peace of mind in your home or business.  Panels are connected to a 24/7 Central Monitoring Station through either a land line or cellular communicator.  In the event of a fire, the panel will start the call out process immidiately to the responding authorities.
Residential System 
Commercial System
Residential systems can be setup two different ways.  Wireless smoke detectors can be placed throughout the home without limitations.  Homes that have a "fire loop" ran connecting all of your smoke detectors together can have a relay installed by a qualified electrician.  We can then monitor this relay which in turn monitors every smoke detector in the home.  
See monitoring options below.
Commercial fire panels are often required by city code to be monitored through a central station.  We can add on a Fire Panel to monitor your current fire system.  Panels are monitored by our central station via land line phone or cellular communicators.  Many times code requires two routes for the panel to call out on.  
​See monitoring options below.
Monitoring Options
Land Line Phone
Cellular + Interactive
Land line phone monitoring is your least expensive option but requires an active phone line to communicate to the central station.  

$20/month   2 year agreement
Internet monitoring requires high speed internet.  This option gives you remote features including arm/disarm, view history and setup text alerts.

$30/month    2 year agreement
Cellular communication is the most secure way to monitor your home or business.  No land line phone or internet is required.  Signals are sent over cellular connection to central station.

$40/month     2 year agreement modules allow you to control your home or business from anywhere.  Add on features are limitless.  Alarm system, locks, lights, outlets, garage doors thermostats and more can all be controlled through your smart device.
$40-50/month 2 year agreement
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